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Terms of Service & Support


Sapoto Ltd

Terms of Service & Support

Your dedicated Google Services & Support Manager from Sapoto Ltd offers direct client services and support as detailed in this contract.

The provisioning of such services implies the possibility of a transfer to and the processing by Sapoto Ltd support workers and/or the possibility that Sapoto Ltd would have access to such personal data whilst providing services to end users.

The parties to this agreement acknowledge and agree that the services of Sapoto Ltd would constitute contractual data processing by Sapoto Ltd under EU Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the “data protection directive”) and data protection laws of EU and EEA member states applicable to the respective end users of the supported products and services of Sapoto Ltd.

The data protection directive and applicable data protection law of EU and EEA member states stipulate that carrying out of processing must be governed by a contract or legal act, binding the processor (Sapoto Ltd) to controller (the client) and stipulating the the processor shall
(i) Act only on instructions from the controller and
(ii) Have implemented technical and certain security measures

Pursuant to the data protection directive a  transfer of personal data to a non EU/EEA country for processing may only take place if an adequate level of protection is ensured.

The European commission has adopted by commission decision of 5 February 2010 (2010/87/EU) a set of standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to processors established in non EU/EEA Countries (hereinafter referred to as “”the clauses”)

These clauses are considered by the European Commission as offering adequate safeguards with respect to the protection of the privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.

In order to comply with the data protection directive and applicable data protection laws of the EU and EEA member states, the parties have agreed to the clauses attached as Annex 1 subject to the following additional terms:

The governing law for this contract will be the law of England and Wales. Sapoto Ltd will make every effort to meet its service level targets, but cannot be responsible for not doing so if it doesn’t have access to the relevant systems and data.

Sapoto Ltd will not be responsible for the financial value of data contained in the systems that it supports.

Sapoto Ltd is not responsible for the availability of the Google software and services. But as part of providing our support services will make all reasonable effort to ensure that Google continues to honor its software and services contract with customers of Sapoto Ltd.

For the avoidance of doubt, Sapoto Ltd will only make changes to a clients’ system on the basis of a written instruction in the form of a support request delivered electronically from the customer or based on email communication with the customers named contact.

Each client's named Sapoto Ltd consultant is directly responsible for protecting their client's data. This will be enforced in their contract of engagement.

Each Sapoto Ltd consultant will be directly supervised by a director of Sapoto Ltd in this matter. Only the named Sapoto Ltd consultant and the directors of Sapoto Ltd will have access to a clients’ system login details.

The contents of client systems will only be shared with other members of Sapoto Ltd or Google on a need to know basis in order to provide the service. If data is to be shared with any third party, Sapoto Ltd will only do this based on an authorising email from the client named contact.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager is a fully trained professional service administrator, trainer and support specialist with complete knowledge of G Suite services and applications.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager will require super admin access to your primary Google domain to take all reasonable actions to ensure professional administration of your Google apps console, Google My Business portal and Device Management as listed in your service and support subscription.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager will make all reasonable effort to respond to your service and support requests within 8 working hours. Including all Google administration services and applications, not including end user application training.

You are encouraged to reach your dedicated manager by direct email and hangouts. Mobile is welcome only with major issues. Official requests for service and support can be made by sending email to

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager will remain your primary contact at Sapoto and will take any necessary action to source assistance from Sapoto Ltd colleagues, wholesalers, external service providers and Google support to provide your Google service and support requests.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager reserves the right to take all reasonable actions to make administrative changes, security policy edits in the interest of the client's business and its customers.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager reserves the right to refuse service and support requests in the interest of business sensitivity, security, data privacy and personal information.

A maximum of 2x clients contacts can make direct contact with your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager. Additional client contacts must direct their service and support requests through these 2x client contacts.

All service and support requests to your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager must be complete with as much detail as possible. Details of your problem, including how this affects your users and your business.  You will be asked for details of the system you were working on at the time and any e.g. error messages displayed – so please have these ready.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager will make all reasonable effort to provide monthly reports for you Google Apps domain.


Payment & Cancellation

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager is not expected to start delivering services and support until setup fee or first subscription payment has been received. Sapoto Ltd reserves the right to terminate the Reseller relationship and / or take small claims action in the event of overdue payment not being made.

Your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager will confirm total costs and methods of payment that will be paid directly to Sapoto Ltd. Clients who choose to undertake a monthly subscription with Sapoto Ltd will be required to set up a monthly standing order prior to service & support commencing. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any lump sum subscription payments, i.e. it won't be permissible for a years' duration of service & support in one go.

All subscription packages for Sapoto Ltd services and support require a minimum term contract of 12 months unless otherwise stated. Sapoto Ltd must receive 3 months notice of subscription cancellation.

As of September 2017, Sapoto Ltd is reserving discounted G Suite products for clients who have an ongoing monthly subscription contract with Sapoto Ltd. Any clients who do not have such a contract, or wish to terminate their monthly contact with Sapoto Ltd will be required to transfer payment directly to Google. As such, service & support requests will be made to Google instead of a dedicated Google Service & Support Manager from Sapoto Ltd.

Additional services are available from your dedicated Google Service & Support Manager and the team at Sapoto Ltd. Remote training sessions over video conference, onsite training, onsite support will be quoted by your dedicated manager in a formal Heads of Agreement document. A deposit may be required and full payment is expected no later that 30 days after final training session or onsite support visit. Sapoto Ltd reserves the right to take small claims action should there be non-compliance with the financial terms in the Heads of Agreement.