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Google G Suite Services


Setup Service

Our team at Sapoto specialise in coming along side organisations like yours, walking them through the Google for Work or Google for Nonprofit setup, domain verification, device deployment and implementation of the management console all to ensuring maximum return on investment and the long term success of Google products and services.

For a minimal fee our team at Sapoto can help your organisation get up and running with Google Apps in a matter of hours. From there it's up to you if you require us to continue on supporting you through our domain administration services, ongoing training and onsite support.


Easy implementation

In a matter of hours your can be managing Google Apps for your organisation. Easily adding users, deploying devices and configure security and settings so your data stays safe. With our experience team at Sapoto you can rest assured that you are off to a great start.

Better security and easy control

With the power of the centralised administration in Google Apps, the setup and management of your organisation is fast and easy. Adding and removing users, setting up user groups, and adding security options like 2-step verification and single sign-on.


Mobile device management

Google's cloud based products and services helps keep data secure by enforcing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security policies on students’ iOS and Android devices. Also use device management to locate lost phones and lock or wipe devices remotely.


Domain Administration

Partnering with Sapoto means that you remain in complete control of your organisation. With the additional support of our experienced Google administrators to come along side and support you right through the setup, implementation and ongoing day to day administration of your Google Apps domain.


Easy management for 10 or 10,000 devices

Google for Work and Google for Nonprofit solutions give your organisation access to the web-based management console. From here, you can configure and manage user policies and Google Apps permissions across the whole organisation, even configure devices settings. 


Ready to grow with your Organisation

Adding new users, groups, devices, security polices is a snap with the Google Management Console. Google Apps is ready to scale along with your success. Google Apps gives your users a completely personalised work experience, complete with their own emails, documents, calendar, apps and more. Making it easy for each user to access his or her own files, documents, apps, calendars and more.


Do more with third-party apps

Expand the functionality of your Google for Work or Google for Nonprofit platform by using the Google Apps Marketplace to find integrated solutions like CRM, project management, compliance and much more. All with the ability to implement with a single sign-on.


Administration has gone mobile

With the Google Admin app you can access your Google Apps domain from anywhere at anytime for fast problem solving. The Google Admin app for Android or iOS lets administrators manage their account on the go. Adding users, resetting passwords, viewing audit logs, contacting support and much more.


Onsite Training and Support

Our team at Sapoto has had years of experience designing, developing and delivering Google training to retail, business and educational organisations like yours around the global. With the speed at which online services like Google Apps develop and grow in functionality it is important to empower your teams to stay up to date with all the new services. Our team can work with you to ensure your organisation can implement these new technologies as they become available. Ensuring the long term success of Google for Work or Google for Nonprofit in your organisation.


Reliability and 24/7 support 

In addition to our training and support services, with Google Apps you get 24/7 support directly for Google. Call directly or email Google support 24/7. With the combination of Google's world-class data centre networks, your own team of Google experts at Sapoto and Google's own 24/7 support, we've definitely got you covered.


Do more and worry less

Google Apps for Work, Google Play for Work, Chrome devices and Android tablets all come with 24/7 support directly from Google, automatic updates, and multiple layers of security. So your team and partners can do more and worry less.


Reporting and advanced insights

With Google Apps advanced management console you get the power to see advanced insights and reporting, so you can monitor your organisation's use of Google Apps and get alerts about unwanted activity. Powerful audit capabilities give you a record of changes across your Google Apps domain so you can pinpoint exactly what you need.